Tuesday June 1, 2010

WELCOME BACK FROM BREAK!!! Hello students! Today in class was a very busy day. First, we talked about all the homework we have. That includes, to print 2-3 blog postings that you think you did the best on due Tuesday June 6, make sure you are done with The Giver and be ready for the quiz on Thursday, answer the following questions that were assigned at the beginning,How can I be creative in today’s world,What part will the Internet play in helping me be creative, and If I can post my art, video, or writing work on the Internet for the world to see, will this make me work differently than if only my teacher was going to see it? The  last thing that we have to do is that to remember tomorrow is the deadline for the A.R. points. The deadline will only be extended if you have a VERY good reason. ;). The only other things to remember is the movies on the themes are due on Thursday, check grades on aries, and if you need to change anything on the last to blogs to do that!  Today was a great day in Mrs. Lofton’s class!!!




Hi, I am angelsman27. Today in first period we went to the really cool book fair for the first half of class. There was a lot of cool books. I got a book called Greatest Moments in Sports. I thought i looked great.  When our class got back from the book fair we talked about our new assignment.  The assignment was about a short “movie” on the debate we  had to do for homework over the weekend about the rules and rituals.  So, we had to find a partner and see who did a better job on their debate.  After we discussed that, Mrs. Lofton assigned our homework for the night.  The homework for today is to read chapters 10-11 in The Giver and if had not done the debate for homework is to finsh that.  I thought today was a great day!!


Today in class we corrected our homework form the Reading Standard packet, which will help prepare us for Star testing next week. Star testing starts on Tuesday and ends on Thursday. Our homework tonight is to do pages 22 -24 in the Reading Standard packet. Be sure to get a lot of rest for next week, see you all tommorrow!

Today in Mrs. Loftons Class 4/21/10

Today in class we started off by correcting the poetry packet and finished talking as a class about the interesting poem “Jabberwocky.”  We also discussed in class the two homework assignments for tonight.  Tonight’s homework is to study for a short quiz on the “Jabberwocky” poem, also to read at least 10 of the classmates in period 2’s spring postings and to comment on at least 2 of them.   Remember that tomorrow is EARTH DAY!!! To help you study for the “Jabberwocky” quiz tomorrow visit the website  Shmoop.


4342703603_fd20cd319dToday in class we went over “Jabberwocky as a class.  We had to explain what type of word it was and what we thought it meant.  For homework, we have to comment on two blog-postings and read the two poems Mrs. Lofton gave us on monday and do the questions for each.  We also have a test about “Jabberwocky” on thursday.  Today was a lot of fun during language arts!

My Spring Break

Over my spring break I went to my friend’s barmitzvah. I was excited when my friend from Texas, a former classmate, came over and attended the barmitzvah with me. There were two parts of the celebration, the ceremony and then the party.

The ceremony was in a temple, a place of worship of Jewish people. I heard my friend, Louis, and the cantor singing and speaking in Hebrew. I also heard them speaking loudly and clearly from the Torah, the holy books. When I was patiently sitting in the temple I noticed the Star of David, men wearing yamulkas, and the metal flames. The ceremonies made me feel closer to God because the temple is the house of God.

After the ceremony we went to the party at MB2, a go cart raceway. I heard music, cars skidding, crashes, and games being played in an arcade. Smelling the aromatic food made me feel hungry but the burnt tire odor and the spray paint smell made my urge to eat went back down. Nevertheless, I did manage to eat a few pieces of mouthwatering steak, delicious challah, and salty French fries! All and all I had a great time with my friends.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today in Mrs. Loftons class we reviewed last nights homework. Also, as an extra before the class ended, we watched a video from Alice in Wonderland about Jabberwoky. It was not only a great treat for the class, but a good video. Tonights homework is to complete the Parts of Speech Quia Jeopardy game. To get to it, select the Quia link on the right for your class period. Also, to read The Jabberwocky.
– Princetongirl

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today was our first day back from spring break, so we changed our seats. Mrs.Lofton told us about our new blogging challenge. The challenge is to make a voice thread about where you live and what you like about living there. Also she touched on our english workshop homework on page 114 which is about adverb and identifying them. When Mrs.Lofton was teaching on page 113 in english workshop, I learned that adverbs answer Where? When? How? How long? How often? To what extent? Or how much? in the sentence. Thank you for reading.

This is a picture I got from google maps of my house and neighborhood

Picture 3